About Me

Vaga Karabashyan


Hi, my name is Vaga
I am an artist
In order to describe my story from afar but shortly, I need to mention the five professions that I've had. Each of them represents a substantial part of myself.

At the beginning, I was an artist. Later, I became a movie director, a designer, an architect and a photographer. And today the circle is closed.

Visual text and spatial experience along with temporal art and instant flash of camera light paved my end-to-end path to myself. You are invited to see my collection.

Welcome to the gallery!




1982-1986 Hakob Kojoyan Yerevan College of Arts
1986-1992 Yerevan Art and Theater Academy

Exhibitions and publications:

1987 Yerevan
Group exhibition of the youth association «New Day»
1988 Yerevan
Group exhibition. The Center for Contemporary Art
1989 Yerevan
Personal exhibition of works at the National Center for Aesthetics
1991 Yerevan
Reporting group exhibition at the Art and Theater Academy
1991 Moscow
Group exhibition. The MARS Gallery
1991 Yerevan
Personal exhibition of photo works «Counteraction». Yerevan Drama Theatre
1992 Yerevan
Publication about the author and his works in weekly magazine «Andradardz»
1992 Yerevan
The film «P.S.F. Clocked time» commissioned by the French organization «Pharmaciens Sans Frontières». Screenwriter and director
1993 Thessaloniki
Personal exhibition. «Terracotta» Gallery
1994 Moscow
Personal exhibition. «Hall Oscar» Gallery
1996 Moscow
Personal exhibition at the «Kommersant» Publishing House
1999 Moscow
Personal exhibition. Russian-Spanish company «CampoMos» Space
2003 Moscow
Participation in the exhibition «Arch Moscow 2003»
2004 Moscow
Participation in the exhibition «Arch Moscow 2004»
2010 Moscow
Personal exhibition «Children of Architects» in collaboration with «Salon Interior» Magazine. Yakimanka Gallery
2010 Paris
Personal exhibition «Sans voyager». Ezanville, place Jules-Rodet

In the period 2000 - 2021 more than 20 publications in leading interior magazines
* Interior works
* Graphic works
* Photo works (including 2 covers)
* Articles, short interviews and materials about the author


Film Director